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Release Your Resistance

Feb 3, 2023

Can you reprogram your emotional patterns?


Do you think differently as an adult than you did as a child? 

We probably like to think we do - but what ideas that we came up with in childhood are we still living our life by today?


We are in week 5 (of 8) of the  let go and surrender Series. 

Let's talk about why we think what we think and if we want to keep thinking it!


In this week, let’s explore:

🤔 when and how we may have formed some of our beliefs  

🤔  what loving unconditionally means (and doesn’t mean)

🤔  why we might want to reprogram emotional patterns 

🤔  some journal prompts for letting go of long held beliefs  


And so much more 


*this is ep 5 of an 8 part series - start at the 1st ep of this series at 


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