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Release Your Resistance

Jul 30, 2021

Where are you on your surrender journey?

Today I’m sharing some notes and insights I have picked up in the past 6 months as I have been experimenting with, sharing and sampling surrender resources.

Listen 🎧  to today’s episode to hear:

 🏳️  Why (in this case) brainwashing is a good idea

 🏳️ The Remix...

Jul 23, 2021

Are you experiencing a Summer Slump?

How about a pep talk?

But, instead of some generic encouragement, I have 2 specific suggestions for you in this non-traditional pep talk. 

Listen 🎧  to today’s episode to hear:

🎉  Why I think now is the perfect time for a pep talk (for you and me)

🎉  A fun metaphor for...

Jul 16, 2021

Do you get nudges that you can’t explain? Are you guided to take action by your intuition?

What happens when you do take that action?

What happens when you don’t?

Today I’m sharing my theories on Inspired Action and a few of my own personal life-changing examples. 

I’ll be curious to hear if you can relate and...

Jul 9, 2021

What do kitchen cabinets have to do with mind management?

Maybe nothing… unless you’re willing to entertain a metaphor!

In today’s episode I share some updates about our renovation project - but really, I created an elaborate metaphor that I love so much, so I couldn’t wait to share it with you. 

Listen to hear

Jul 2, 2021

Are you celebrating the completion of the first ½ of 2021?

How will you reflect on what’s happened so far?

What intentions will you set for what’s still to come?

Listen to today’s episode to hear:

🍾  What I’ve started, stopped and continued so far in 2021

🍾   My word of the Year 

🍾  The surprise gift...