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Release Your Resistance

Sep 24, 2021

How do you release resistance when you feel stuck?

What does resistance feel like for you?

Is it possible to get unstuck when you even feel resistant to noticing your own resistance?

Today on the podcast I share 3 techniques you can use to release resistance when you notice you’re feeling stuck.

Listen 🎧  to learn...

Sep 17, 2021

What do you really want?

Do you know what you really want and why?

How is what you’re thinking getting you your results?

In today’s episode I share specific examples of how to check your thoughts against your results.

Listen to find out how to

😊  Use emphasis to understand what you want better

😊  Apply the 3...

Sep 10, 2021

Today I’m sharing 3 suggestions about how to get awareness around your thinking. 

Even without making any decisions, or changing your mind or taking action, awareness can help create a sense of relief about what you’re feeling stuck about. 

Listen to the episode to hear 

🧠  The 3 suggestions you can use to...

Sep 3, 2021

Have you ever felt stuck? Or are you feeling stuck now?

In the month of September I want to review some tools you can use to get unstuck. 

Listen to the episode to hear 🎧

📌 How “being stuck” might show up for you

📌 What it means to get awareness around your thinking

📌 The 2 types of results you can check...