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Release Your Resistance

Mar 26, 2021

Do you love making playlists? I make them all the time and I make them for a lot of different reasons. 

Here’s what you’ll hear in today’s episode: 

  • what kind of playlists I make
  • why I make playlists
  • how making playlists has improved my life
  • the playlists that help me get exactly what I want!

Listen and read...

Mar 19, 2021

Are you into astrology? Or don’t know much about it?

Or, do you just love hearing people talk about topics they truly love and know?

In this episode you get to hear a fun conversation from an astrology expert to learn all about:

  • How and why she got into studying astrology at a very early age 
  • How astrology benefits...

Mar 12, 2021

On today’s episode I share some personal behind-the-scenes examples of how I forgot my own work and advice. And then how I remembered it!

Listen to find out what made me 

🛠  forget that I need to recognize resistance

🛠  suffer with an immature and mismanaged mind

🛠  finally embrace messiness

🛠  gratefully...

Mar 5, 2021

You get to choose your own flashbacks - the current thoughts, beliefs and labels about what happened in the past. You do this now even if you’re not aware of it. So, why not think, believe and label with intention and unconditional love for yourself!

🎥  Learn why I’m thinking of my memories as flashbacks